Did you ever play Risk?
Sorgonet designed a new board, pieces and cards to play Risk. It's a modified Risk. It's a modified version where rules are almost the same.
Instead of the classic Continents and Countries, there are: Linux, Microsoft, Mac, AMD, Intel, Sorgonet (look at the map and you will see)

Few modified rules:
-Every turn players get 3 armies (no matter how many states you own)
-When a new State is conquered you get a card (only one for turn). There are 4 cards: .com, .net, .org, and the joker
You can change:
 1 .com, 1 .net and 1 .org cards for: 10 armies
 3 .com cards for: 8 armies
 3 .net cards for: 6 armies
 3 .org cards for: 4 armies


SorgoRisk Map


The board must be printed in four parts (4 DIN-A4 sheets)
Pieces and cards must be printed and cutted.
You will also need 5 dices (faces=6)
Max number of players=6


The game begins



Risk is an interesting game where strategy is all, but luck could help you a lot.
We made this board, cards and pieces just for fun and make it free to download.

As you know All trademarks are property of their owners.

by Dalamar

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