spanish Sicario, the robot arm (the mechanical components and structures).
Sicario is built with recyclable materials from the first motor until last screw.
Sicario the robot arm
The movement gives it to him the 6 motors of great force, the first one makes rotate the base with a great force, the second and the third they are same and they work at the same time to exercise the equivalent  to movement of the human shoulder, the fourth corresponds to the elbow and it is similar to the shoulder, hooked with a great speed and little precision is the fifth is that rotate the arm, the sixth and I finish the hand, that it has been that of more difficulty and that bigger modifications to suffering along the construction to be the most important for the weight, because each motor supports to all the motors and parts, also it was forced to control the force for not to allow to fall neither break the object.
Final of careerThe hand in actionthe elbow
Final of career: 
There are two for each articulation without having the shoulder, a total of ten they are nailed, fixed any thing that holds it firmly in their place.

The skeleton this compound mainly for bars of resistant aluminum, a great wood to support the two motors of the shoulder, some rubbers for the fingers of the hand and the extensions axes of the same motors. 


the old handJoining of the base

The Construction: 
The base is a great circular wood with an axis that comes out for the inferior part and it fits in a box of engagements with the motor, the box of engagements this subject to some very long bars that it serves him as support of Sicario so that with the weight he don't fall.
In the superior base of the wooden base they are subject with screws and nails the two motors one in front of the other that serve as shoulder, with each axis that leaves each motor they hold a part of the forearm, this subjection should be very resistant for what is preferable to weld it. 
The Elbow is another motor subject to the forearm, in the axis of the motor of the elbow this fellow the motor that makes rotate the arm of which comes out a long axis until the hand. 
The motor of the hand this subject to the axis that makes of arm, in the axis of the motor of the hand comes out two mobile fingers that with the other finger hooked to motor he makes the clip movement, for more it grabs the fingers they are rubber and curved inside and willing so that the two mobile fingers fit in the other.

Above the bars that serve from support to Sicario they the box of connections, switches... (it leaves electric of Sicario), of the box of connections they are all wide that pass to Sicario.
The cables they have to be very subject and all him together possible so that with the movement of Sicario not be hooked with cables, keeping in mind that Sicario can make all the movements.

Sicario weighs about 10 kilos approximately and it measures shrunk 80x60x70 centimeters. 

by Dalamar