Software for Sicario the Robot Arm

    I'll describe a bit the software developed by Sorgo I.D. to control Sicario the Robot Arm.
    We started with a very simple command box for test purposes developed in Visual Basic 6, as the rest of the programs we made for Sicario. Why did we use VB (Visual Basic) and didn't use more powerfull languages like ASM or C? During the hardware construction we tested the robot moves with a telephone, assigning every key number to a motor move direction it was cool but we had to use software to control it throught the parallel port, then Visual Basic is a language that we know very well, it's fast and its simple, on the other hand it's not fast and not dessigned for this task indeed. But we wanted to control our robot soon and it was very easy for us.


    One of the first software we developed was called Telesicario its the server and it waits moves from the Client. That's the way we can control it using a local network or via internet. If you want to control it using a single computer then you can use the IP number: that's localhost.
    - Telesicario-Cliente is the client software, first run Telesicario, then this Client and you can move it, just tell the IP number where's the Server (Telesicario) running.
    - Telesicario-Cliente-con-Voz is a cool program to control the robot with your own voice using a microphone. You have to install first speech SDK by microsoft. A free software from microsoft!, you can see the voice commands to use in the source code.
    - Telesicario-Cliente-grafico, is the same simple client program but with a 3D representation of the robot, it simulates the movement aproximately. It uses DirectX technology.
    - Telesicario-Firewall, is just a "IP forwarding" program. That is: if your Sicario robot is on a PC in a local network and you want to control it by Internet from a far computer then, just run this software on the Server computer of your local LAN and it will redirect the commands to the LAN computer where Sicario is plugged.
    - Telesicario-VOZ-3D-TCP-Campus2k, is the final version that integrates all the clients on the same program, Voice commands, DirectX graphics and tcp/ip control.

    Surely that if you have installed on your computer Visual Basic 6, DirectX 7 or superior and Microsoft Speech SDK,  you will not have problems to run it.
If you need some file to run Sicario software on your computer then search it at:

    Download Sicario Software from HERE 524Kb. Includes Free VB Source Code and Executables.



    This software is not designed to harm your computer at all. Take care of your modifications to the source code.
by DrDoom