· 5 Motors 220V with reducing 
     · 1 Motor 24V with reducing
     · 10 24V commutate. 
     · 14 Diodes 
     · 10 Transistors NPN BD 137
     · 10 Leeds. 
     · inversor 7404 
     ·10 Resistors 
     · Decoders 74137 
     · Transforming 220V-24V-5V.

     Why Sicario working by different voltages ,need  divide the electronics components  in different sections.

     - Voltages of 220V and 24V to run the motors.
     - Voltage of 24V, that circulates around the transistors and commutate. 
     - Voltage of 5V, that circulates around the C2M and the PC. 


       The motors, are run with their respective voltages by commutate, the C2M (Centronics to Motors) controller the transistors. Each motor controlled by 2 commutate, each one of commutate controls a direction of the motor. Thanks to the multiple contacts of commutate we made a simple and effective, system protection to preventing activate the opposite direction; we avoided the possible short circuits when sending erroneous data from our PC.
Is good use a diode on the voltage commutate input to safeguard the transistors. 

self protection

          In the transistors scheme, we have two defined types, 5 of them are fattened by the C2M and 5 by the PC. In Base of the 5 later need put a 100 ohms resistor and a LED, this is use prevent damage the PC port The transistor signal are sent by the pins by the parallel port, they running the motors 1 and 2 in two directions and the 3 in one of their directions. 
          With regards to the 5 remaining transistors, in this Base we will place a LED, but not a resistor, because C2M controlled there. 
Parallel Port


         The C2M this made by a 74137 decoder whose exits are inversed with 7404. The PC bits (6,7,8) need a resistor, and going to 74137 pins (1.2.3). Then the 74137 can decoder 3bits to obtain a 5 data that we need to control one motor 3 direction and two directions for the 4 and 5 motors.    Pins 5.6 and 8 of the 74137 go to mass, pin 9 to positive.  Pins to entrances of the 7404, respectively. The 7404 exits pins and 12 to the transistors already mentioned, pin 7 to ground and the 8 to positive. 

C2M Inside

      It is necessary to remember: 
     - The parallel port pin 25 goes to C2M ground circuit C2M. 
     - To the transistor emisor arrives -24V 
     - The C2M need an external 5V, -5V its ground.
     - Transistors NPN have structure: ECB. 
     - To safeguard the parallel port need use the correct resistors. 

by Necro