Beowulf Linux inside


CPUs used on this project are Pentium I Class 166,200,233, the standard cooling system for this CPUs are a little heat sink and a little fan, we're going to remove this six fans and put there bigger heat sinks without fans.

Pentium I fans and heat sinks
This are the heat sinks and fans that we change.
Heat sinks
Heat sinks are bigger and no fans are needed by this change.

Without this fans we have less wires inside the case, less conections to the power suppy and of course less power consume. We choose some heatsinks used on Duron-Athlon 700 computers.
Because the case is not closed, no heat problems with this kind of processors.

The mainboard and the CPU without heat sink.
cpu change1
Before the heat sink we apply thermal compound.

We're not going to use fans but instead thermal compound (not used usually on Pentium I class CPUs) will be used.

cpu change
Now just put the heat sink on.
cpu changed
The new heat sink is now on.