Multi Function Led Display

Display Led Modes

     -Binary Time Mode
        -Bar Memory Status Mode
        -Bar HDD Status Mode

A Multifunction Led Display is the easiest way to create your own information system display .This display is a kind of colored LEDs controller through the parallel port using a very, really very easy scheme.


The software is a Perl script under GNU(GLP) license and works only under GNU with Linux .This version  display 3 system views
modes: a Binary Clock (Only for Geeks), a Memory Status Bar and HDD Status Bar, the script have a auto mode to change the system
views (10 seconds Binary Clock,4 seconds Memory Status Bar and 4 seconds HDD Status Bar).

Download  connect your Multifunction Led Display and just type ./ to run it.
Usually requires a Driver::ParallelPort Cpan Perl driver, you can found it at:
Device-ParallelPort-1.00                     Parallel Port Driver for Perl  
Device-ParallelPort-drv-linux-1.00     Standard linux hardware io access   
Device-ParallelPort-drv-parport-1.0     Linux Kernel 2.2+ parport /dev/parport   
or also
Device::ParallelPort    perl-Device-ParallelPort-1.00-8.noarch.rpm
Device::ParallelPort::drv::linux    perl-Device-ParallelPort-drv-linux-1.00-8.i386.rpm

Hardware you need is only a:
6 Red Led
2 Green Led
2 Yellow Led
1 Orange Led
1 10K ohm Resistor
1 DB25 male (This is a printer connector)
Not any more.

The next pictures are the Hardware schematics , the number is the PARALLEL PORT CONNECTOR number PIN and the Led color
is the correct position for each color LED , Remember use a resistor to avoid Parallel port damages.
Also remember , The Sorgonet Team
are not responsible for possible damages you can cause.


Display Led Modes
The software provides 3 Display or views modes, and change automatically this modes, The initial mode is a Binary Hour mode and the default time is for a 10 seconds, the next is a Bar Memory Status Mode and display it for a 4 seconds and the last mode for a 4 seconds more is a Bar HDD Status Mode.
Feel free to change ,improve ,delete etc.. display times or mode

Binary Hour Mode
Binary Hour Mode display a binary hour ,minutes and seconds (ON/OFF) . You are in this mode when ORANGE LED turns ON/OFF every second
The upper RED LED is a HOUR number, and have these values for led position (8,4,2,1) to get the hour add the ON leds values ,the down leds line
is a MINUTES and have (32,16,8,4,2,1) values for led position, add the ON leds values to get the Minute.

Binary Clock
Hour Minutes Seconds

Bar Memory Status Mode
Bar Memory Status Mode Display  a Full/Free memory system using the bottom leds lines like a percentile % Bar., You are watching this mode if the ORANGE LED is ALWAYS ON, and the UPPER RED LED position value 8 is ALSO ON, For each LED ON in  BOTTOM line, that means you are using a 17% of total memory .

Memory BAR
Free Men

Bar HDD Status Mode
Bar HDD Status Mode display a Full/Free HDD space, using the down line like % Bar.You are in this mode if ORANGE LED is ALWAYS ON and
the UPPER RED LED position value 4 is ALSO ON.
For each LED ON in DOWN line you have 17%  FULL of total hdd space.
HDD Bar.
Hdd mode

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