Gameboy Xtreme

Let's overclock a Z80 processor cooling it xtreme and warming it xtreme again
In this experiment we are going to use a Gameboy, a Z80, a Hard Disk, a variable Resistor.

First at all we test the system. The Gameboy is running the game Tetris using and external Z80 processor, we upgraded the system adding a hard disk with lots of GB games downloaded from internet emulation websites. The system is stable.

Note: We can not give you the Z80 to Gameboy connection schemes via internet because it could be a High Risk Military Weapon if used incorrectly (a hacker could modify it to launch missile, like a PS2)

We use a varible resistor to modify the voltage to overclock it, but there is a trouble: the Z80 is too hot, we must cool it and we are going to do it Xtreme!
First at all we sink the processor and the hard disk in silicon, and then put it into the refrigerator below 0 celsius, let's wait a few hours and continue the experiment.

We turn on the system again (now xtremely freezed -10 Celcius  ) at 4 Mhz ! and it works! pretty well.

Let's push it harder to Xtreme 99 Mhz!!! Still Stable running Tetris, but we can not play because game over is an instant message on the screen

Sometimes the hard disk does not support the Xtreme temperature, then, reboot the system.(like Micro$oft Windows)

This experiment could run aprox. 4 hours till the processor uncools

You can see the Xtremely cooled Z80 processor running Tetris at 98.9 Mhz, the variable resitor is important to control the Megaherz.

A big fan is always welcomed to keep the Xtreme conditions


NOW lets see what happens if we apply Xtreme HOT  PART2 - Xtreme HOT
by Sorgo I.D.

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